Photo slideshow 3

This third group of photographs were taken by one of the scaffolders, Troy, on 1 May – during a rare and welcome break in the clouds. This was the day the team from Leo Scaffolding finally reached the top of the spire.

As well as images of the scaffolders at work, there are photos taken from one of the small top windows, giving a fascinating glimpse inside the cracked spire.

There are also some photographs showing Pete, the gaffer, starting work inside the base of the tower. This is the final stage of the scaffolders’ work.

There are also a couple of photos of our banner – – which the team kindly put up late in the day. Many thanks to Tony Bates for donating this.

Troy took some more video on the same day, capturing some wonderful panoramic views of the village in glorious sunshine from the very top platform. I’ll post another YouTube clip of this once I get a chance.

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