YouTube video part 2

The first of our YouTube clips showing the scaffolders at work proved very popular. This second video follows them on the last day of April. It was yet another depressingly damp and grey day as they neared the pinnacle of the spire.

Again, our thanks go to the team from Leo Scaffolding for their good humour and patience in putting up with the considerable interest in their work. For most of us without a head for heights, it’s been quite a spectacle, watching them walking – seemingly without a care – along narrow (and often wet) planks well over 100 feet above the ground.

It’s also fascinating to get a close-up of the damage to the spire – both from outside as well as inside.

For anyone who can’t see the video above, click here to view it on YouTube.

PS. The quality of these YouTube videos is fairly dire. If anyone would like to see DVD-quality footage, please get in touch.