YouTube video part 1

With the scaffolding now nearing the top of the spire, I asked Scott, one of the scaffolders who’s been here since they first started some three weeks ago, if he would take some video, giving us a close-up of the work, as well as some panoramic views of the village.

Unfortunately, no sooner had he agreed than the clouds darkened and the heavens opened, and it turned into a typically grey and showery April afternoon.

I’ve just posted the video on YouTube, and although both Scott’s and my shaky camera work leave a lot to be desired (at least Scott has a good excuse), and the weather was fairly grim, I hope you’ll agree that it provides a fascinating record of the work in progess.

Scott has kindly agreed to take the camcorder aloft on a (hopefully sunnier) day next week, as they reach the pinnacle of the spire.

For anyone who can’t see the video above, click here to view it on YouTube.

Photo slideshow 2

Scott also took the photographs on our Slideshow 2. These were taken earlier in the week – on Tuesday 22 April, when the weather was kinder. They include some stunning photos of the village and surrounding countryside, as well as some great close-ups of the gargoyles. Click here to view them.