Photographs & video

GargoyleWe’re getting quite a collection of photographs – both from the scaffolding as well as the ground. But more are always welcome. So please do get in touch if you have any you’d like to add.

Slideshow 1

The first group of images was published before the scaffolders arrived. These include some good close-ups of the cracks in the spire, as well as early attempts to assess the damage using a large mobile platform known as a ‘cherry-picker’. Click here to see these photos.

Slideshow 2

The second group was taken by Scott, one of the scaffolders, about two weeks into the project. These include some wonderful panoramic views of the village, as well as some photos of the gargoyles (above right) and stonework. Click here to see these photos.

YouTube video

The first attempt at producing some video of the project was published on YouTube on April 25th. Again, much of this was taken by Scott from high in the scaffolding. And despite it turning into a typically grey and wet April day, he managed to get some fascinating footage both inside and outside the spire. Click here to view the clip.

Scott is going to take some more video once they get to the pinnacle of the spire. Hopefully the weather will be better, allowing him to capture some unique panoramic views over the surrounding countryside from this great vantage point, perched above one of Leicestershire’s highest villages.

Historic photos

We’ve also started a collection of historic photos of the village. We’re hoping that more villagers will allow us to copy any old photos they may have (we’ll treat them very carefully). And that people may buy framed prints, with all profits going to the church restoration fund. So again, please do get in touch if you have any old photos you could add to the collection.

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