YouTube video part 4

The day dawned cold and bright. A clear blue winter sky would provide wonderful views across the Leicestershire countryside from atop the newly rebuilt spire.

ITV local news were on hand to record the great event as the reguilded weather cock finally regained its perch, nearly one year from the fateful earthquake which cracked our church spire.

I’ve just posted a clip taken on the day on YouTube. It starts with the ITV news report, followed by my very shaky video taken from the top of the spire. (I had hoped to post the clip earlier, but pulled a muscle on the climb and have been trying to avoid sitting at a keyboard ever since!)

Bell-ringing captain, John Matthews, was given the task of placing the gleaming weather cock on its new spindle. Joining John and myself at the top were project architects, John Dodson and Silvester Cheung, local builder David Craddock, and Geof Armitage.

For anyone who can’t see the video above, click here to view it on YouTube.

PS. The quality of these YouTube videos is fairly dire. If anyone would like to see DVD-quality footage, please get in touch.