Another chance to climb the spire

August 4th, 2008 David Posted in Diary reports | No Comments »

Christine has just emailed to say:

More hot news off the press! I just heard from John Dodson, the architect, who has said that if we can get enough people together, he will do a similar spire climb for others – on possibly the 20th Sept (first day of the Waltham Fair).

I’ve already heard of a few people who said they would have like to have done it but were away/didn’t know about it, so it may well happen. Although the work will have started by then, climbers will be able to look down into the spire and see the construction – so there will be interest there, as well as the wonderful view from the top.

Anyone interested should contact me, Christine, on 01664 464802, or send an e-mail to Please let me know as soon as possible as there will be a maximum of 20 allowed up again, and it will have to be on a first come, first served basis.

As before, there will be a £50 charge for the climb – with all proceeds going to the Church Renovation Fund.

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