A chance to jump over the weather cock!

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weather cock
It’s now some weeks since the scaffolders left. For all of us wondering when work will start on repairing the spire, Rev. Beverley provides this latest progress report:

The tenders for the spire work have now gone in and work should start very soon. Today I have sent off a huge application pack to English Heritage to see if we can get a grant from them towards all the repairs to the roof, etc., that we need to do.

This would mean that money raised could go towards modernising and enhancing the church building for more varied use and other repairs. However we have raised over £9000 in donations and fund raising so far. A splendid effort. Chris Alexander – one of our churchwardens – raised over £750 last Saturday at her garden event.

The PCC are busy researching other churches who have made significant changes inside their church and the next project for the roof fund is an opportunity to climb the scaffolding on the spire.

The architect will be there, along with three other people, to make sure it’s a safe venture. And at the moment we are trying to get a solicitor to voluntarily write a Disclaimer for us for insurance purposes. Once we have this we can offer 20 places to go up the scaffolding at about £50 donation a time. If you have seen Chris Alexander’s photos from the top you will know what a great opportunity this is.

The cockerel weather vane will have been taken down by then, so for children – and people like me – we will also offer a chance to jump over the weather vane for £1 and gain a certificate to say that you have jumped over the Waltham Spire weather cock! We hope this will all happen on Sat 12th July – if we can get it organised in time – and if the spire is declared safely secured by then.

The next special building spectacular will probably be when the top of the spire is taken down in one piece to the ground as it will be too heavy to use the scallfolding! I await news from the architect about how this will happen.

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