Putting it all together again

September 29th, 2008 David

Rebuilding the spire
Father and son team, Richard and Matt from Cedar Steeplejacks, have kindly taken some more photos to add to our fast-expanding collection. Taken on a fresh and bright autumn morning, they show the first stages of rebuilding Waltham church’s cracked spire.

They will be taking more photos as the work progresses over the coming weeks. It will be fascinating to see how long it takes before the weather-cock finally regains its perch high above our village.

Click here to view slideshow 6.

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Architect’s Facebook website and photo albums

September 9th, 2008 David

Facebook siteArchitects, Parkinson Dodson Cheung were appointed by the insurers to oversee the repair of the spire. They were really helpful during the recent spire climb, taking time to show villagers the damage, as well as explain how they planned to tackle the repair project.

We’ve just discovered their FaceBook site which includes an on-line diary, plus plans of the project. There are also a couple of photo albums showing some fascinating close-ups of the work involved (right).

Click here to view their FaceBook home page
Click here to view the most recent album. (Click on first image and then follow the ‘Next’ links.)
Click here to view the first photo album.

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Our latest slideshow

September 2nd, 2008 David

Dismantling the spireThe team from Cedar Steeplejacks have been here for a couple of weeks. Provided the weather continues to be kind, they hope to have completed the dismantling of the spire by this Friday (5th September).

I’ve just uploaded the first set of photos of the work – taken by Mathew, one of the steeplejacks. There aren’t many photos at the moment, but we’re planning to add some more over the next few days.

They’ve also kindly agreed to take some video of the work on Sunday. So hopefully we’ll be able to create a third YouTube clip of the project, capturing this stage of the repair for posterity.

Click here to view slideshow 5.

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