Images from the top of the spire

May 12th, 2008 David

Waltham panorama

The scaffolders reached the top level of the spire, some 130 feet above ground, on the first day of May. The sun came out to welcome the new month, making a welcome change to the grey and rainy days of April.

Just before leaving, scaffolders Scott and Troy managed to take some wonderful photos from the very top platform. Click here to view them.

We’ve also created a 360 degree panorama from some of the images (above), giving a breath-taking view across the surrounding countryside. Click here to see it.

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Progress update

May 9th, 2008 David

By Rev Beverley

The architect has now been up the spire and believes that God must be on our side as we are extremely fortunate that the spire hasn’t collapsed onto one of the houses on High Street! Apparently the scaffolders had to work in very dangerous conditions within the spire, but it is now completely safe and scaffolded inside and out.

Tenders will now be sought to do the repair work which should start mid June. The delay is because the work could not be tendered out until the damage had been closely examined. This process will take a month and then work can start.

The top of the spire is 120 feet from ground level and the top 32ft will have to be removed. Before this can happen the damage must be secured using timber wedges and canvas webbing to prevent a certain masonry fall once the top of the spire is removed. The cap of the spire (The top 6-8ft) will have to be lowered to the ground intact and will be too heavy to rest on the scaffolding.

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The scaffolders video part 2

May 1st, 2008 David

YouTube video part 2The first of our YouTube clips showing the scaffolders at work proved very popular. This second video follows them on the last day of April. It was yet another depressingly damp and grey day as they neared the pinnacle of the spire.

The video includes a rather shaky climb right to the top of the scaffolding, some close-ups of the cracks in the spire, a glimpse through the very top window, as well as more wonderful (if a little grey) panoramic views over the village.

Click on the image on the right to view the video clip.

Photo slideshow 3

Troy also took the photographs on our Slideshow 3.
Click here to view them.

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